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December 1, 2015


Year one is in the books! It's been a wild ride since opening last November, but we couldn't be more thrilled with the community that calls One Well Brewing, "home". As a small token of our gratitude, we threw our customers a party, and we hope it was an event they'll never forget!


The celebration started on Wednesday night when we opened our outdoor tent with the musical styling of That Freak Quincy. The awesome crowd and performance gave us a great sample of what to expect for Friday's festivities.




After relaxing with family and friends on Thursday, we re-opened on Black Friday to officially celebrate our One Year Anniversary. There was live music from our friends Double Strung, Fish Lips, Artios, and the Out of Favor Boys, all with a tent full of enthusiastic One Well fans. A number of specialty beers were released, including the popular, Chris-Must, as well as the return of a sought after classic; Sloppy Whoppy.




We also introduced over 100 new members to our Lifetime Mug Club, where they will now enjoy discounts on beer and apparel for as many years as they're able.





Local mural artist, Bonus Saves, took his talents to the side of our distribution van and gave it a much needed makeover. He impressed the crowd with his skill, speed, and vision, and did so with less than stellar weather.

Most importantly, we were able to create and share memories with customers, family, and friends. It has taken quite a bit of work for One Well to be where it is today, and none of it would be possible without your continued patronage and support.


Now that year two is a reality, we are beginning to move forward with some exciting plans. We're in the process of securing an off-site production facility that will allow us to exponentially increase our beer production. And with the added space, we can start to explore more options for distribution and packaging.


There's a ton of work to do to make these ideas happen, so we'll end here and get to it!



Thanks again!



The One Well Team


July 28, 2015

Summer has been treating us well so far. We upgraded our patio with some awesome new picnic tables made by our buddy, Rob. Our good friends over at Bad Adz Custom Wood Design installed sweet shelves for our boardgame collection. We even got a new, giant cooler for the front of house so we can store more kegs and extend our taps. We've been busy to say the least.


Last week also marked our very first Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti, MI. The festival was a great time and we made a lot of new friends on the east side of the state.  We even got a little love from the blogosphere, including a nice writeup by Mitten Brew and another by Life In Michigan. Overall, it was a great event and we're thrilled to be a part of the amazing craft beer community here in Michigan.


As crazy as things get, we still try to carve out time occasionally to have a pint and reflect on how much has changed in the last eight months since we opened for business. Every day brings new challenges and struggles, but we're determined to keep working hard to make One Well the best that it can be for our customers.


PicMonkey Collage


June 2, 2015

June is upon us and the weather is finally getting nicer. We were able to enjoy some of the sunny weather over Memorial Day Weekend during our mug club release party. We had a great turnout and are happy to welcome a ton of new mug club members to our lifetime mug club. Because so many people were out of town, we extended the release through Sunday, May 31, and in total we added about 85 new members to the club. Awesome!


We've closed the mug club for now but have a feeling that we might need to add more members late this summer or in the fall. We're humbled to think that after just six months of being opened, a total of 238 people have put enough faith in what we're doing to sign up for a lifetime mug club membership. We want to thank all of the folks that have supported us along our journey thus far. We look forward to serving you many more beers for years to come. Cheers!


One Well Rlease - 1


May 19, 2012

We've had some great times since we opened nearly six months ago. One of our favorite memories so far was an event that we held a few weeks ago called Big Brew. We had about five teams of homebrewers come together for the biggest brew day of the year put on by the American Homebrewers Association. All of the brewing teams followed the same recipe for a pale ale and then we combined the final product and fermented onsite here at One Well.


As soon as the beer is ready, we're going to put it on our featured homebrewer tap so everyone involved can enjoy. We're excited to host more events throughout the year and can't wait for Big Brew next year. Thanks to all of the brewing teams and spectators who came out to make this an awesome day!




April 22, 2015

Things are crazy here at One Well and we're loving it! In just five months we feel like we're already outgrowing our space, so we had to make a few changes. Unfortunately, we had to get rid of our pool table and we replaced it with a foosball table. Shucks. On a positive note, we've torn out the storage area in the back of the tap house to make room for more seating and more classic arcades and pinballs - those should be arriving over the next month or so.


We didn't know what to expect when we opened, and so far everything has exceeded our expectations.  We're grateful that the Millwood neighborhood has supported us and forced us into expanding our seating capacity for those busy weekend nights. Oh, and did we mention that we now have a patio with seating? Cheers to the love of the craft-beer scene here in Kalamazoo for making all of this possible and for pushing us to grow and work hard to get better every day!




March 10, 2015

Where has the time gone? After being open for a little more than three months, time is flying by and we're loving every minute of it.  In February we participated in our very first beer festival with the awesome folks from the Michigan Brewers Guild.  We had a bumpy start with some frozen tap lines, but after using a blow torch and some highly-sought-after buckets of hot water, the beers were flowing and the party began.


Our resident brewer, Chris, made some headlines with his crazy antics and wizard costume.  He even got some love from MLive in an interview talking about our newest beer, Sweet Water Street.  We used 250 Sweetwater's Donut Mill donut holes and a very concentrated, cold-pressed blend of coffee from our friends over at Water Street Coffee Roaster to brew an imperial coffee donut porter. So tasty.


We had a great time at the 2015 Michigan Winter Beer Festival and are looking forward to the next one.  Thanks again for all of the support from our volunteers, our regular customers that stopped by to show their love at the festival and to all of the new folks that me met and shared our beer with.  Check out the full MLive video from the festival below.  Cheers!



March 3, 2015

Our customers wanted food, so we listened.  For the past few weeks we've been concocting various recipes and perfecting a simple menu to offer the patrons at our tap house.  Admittedly, running a kitchen is new to us.  Heck, running a brewery was new to us when we started.  But we're not afraid of the challenge, and we're always trying to get better in order to exceed our customer's expectations.


So with that said, we're jumping in head first and figuring this out with the help of our awesome team, family, friends and the feedback of our customers.  We'll always strive to do our best and help contribute something cool and unique to the Kalamazoo brewery scene.  Drop us a line and let us know how we're doing and what you think of our menu.  Cheers!




December 23, 2014 

Today is Dude's Day.  What is Dude's Day, you ask? After working tirelessly for over six months building out our tap house, sorting through mountains of paperwork and brewing without sleep, we've decided that a day of rest, reflection and over indulgence is in order. So Dude's Day was born.


On Tuesday, December 23 we will be celebrating Dude's Day. We'll be visiting a few Kalamazoo Microbreweries. We'll be talking about how things went in our first month of business. And we'll be relaxing and taking advantage of some much-needed downtime.


We love what we do and we work day and night to ensure that we're always improving. None of this would be possible without the amazing support that we have received from our customers, friends and family. And today, we celebrate all of you and the work that we've put in to earn your support.  Here's to you, Dude's Day.




December 18, 2014

Last night we held our very first drink and draw hosted by our friends over at Kalamadoodle.  Kalamadoodle holds a monthly event at the various Kalamazoo microbreweries, breweries and brewpubs.  Folks came out to enjoy a craft beer and doodled the night away.  We had a great turnout and want to thank everyone for coming to show your support.  Oh, and Kalamadoodle did an awesome article about One Well Brewing prior to the event.  Check that out here.  Cheers to you, Kalamadoodlers!




December 19, 2014

So we've recently teamed up with some other Kalamazoo microbreweries and breweries to help support Kalamabrews in their efforts to raise money for the Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County to benefit the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail.  We have an awesome cycling jersey hanging in our tap house.  If you'd like to support the cause and buy one for yourself, click on the image below for more information.






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