Big Brew

Homebrewers and microbreweries go hand in hand. In that spirit, we’re paying homage to the the world of homebrewing as we host our very first AHA Big Brew on National Homebrew Day. This event is a way for homebrewers to come together and share their ideas and brew beer while drinking a pint. Even if you’re not a homebrewer and just want to learn about the brewing process, this will be a great opportunity to pick the brains of homebrewers and our head brewer, Chris O’Neill, and see the brewing process in action. We have limited spacing, so if you’re interested in bringing your homebrew setup and making a batch of beer, please email T.J. at so you can be added to the official email list of participants. Either way, this will be an awesome day to celebrate homebrewing. Come support your local homebrewer and enjoy a pint. Cheers!