Happy Dudes Day!

Today is Dude’s Day.  What is Dude’s Day, you ask? After working tirelessly for over six months building out our tap house, sorting through mountains of paperwork and brewing without sleep, we’ve decided that a day of rest, reflection and over indulgence is in order. So Dude’s Day was born.

On Tuesday, December 23 we will be celebrating Dude’s Day. We’ll be visiting a few Kalamazoo Microbreweries. We’ll be talking about how things went in our first month of business. And we’ll be relaxing and taking advantage of some much-needed downtime.

We love what we do and we work day and night to ensure that we’re always improving. None of this would be possible without the amazing support that we have received from our customers, friends and family. And today, we celebrate all of you and the work that we’ve put in to earn your support.  Here’s to you, Dude’s Day.