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One Well Brewing is a brewery based in Kalamazoo, MI that strives to provide the greater Kalamazoo area and Michigan at large with a quality, craft-brewed selection of beers.

One Well’s vision stems from the unique backgrounds of the co-founders, Chris O’Neill and T.J. Waldofsky. While both founders took a different path to arrive where they are today, the common goal has remained consistent: to help grow the craft-brew community by building a business that provides a quality, locally-produced product and to create good jobs that help stimulate the greater-Kalamazoo and Michigan economies.


For close to a decade Chris has been a homebrewer and has dedicated the majority of his spare time perfecting the art of craft brewing.  As a self-taught brewer, Chris immersed himself in the culture of craft-beer connoisseurs and incessantly bugged everyone in the world of beer so he could learn the craft.  Chris embodies the spirit of of the craft-brew community and the idea that he’ll always be a student no matter how much he learns.

T.J. has dabbled in homebrewing, but his passion for craft beer evolved from a different path.  Since his first sip of IPA,  T.J. has sought out new and different beers around the world. Having visited over 100 breweries and brewpubs in the U.S. alone. T.J. thrives on experiencing the authentic culture of breweries and his appreciation for craft beer and the community that it fosters has helped shape his vision for owning his own brewery and continuing to support the art and culture of the craft-brew community.

One Well Brewing is committed to sustainability and design, and we are strong believers that these two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive. We use reclaimed and upcycled materials in our tap house to promote sustainability while creating an authentic, aesthetically-pleasing experience where form meets function.

Each piece of our taphouse is unique, click a photo to find out their story!